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Central Asian Ovtcharka

The Central Asian Ovcharka (/ɒvˈtʃɑrkə/; Russian: среднеазиатская овчарка [srʲɪdnʲɪəzʲɪˈatskəjə əˈftɕarkə]) is a large breed of dog recognized by FCI, as a Molossoid type dog breed of Soviet origin under Russian Patronage, Numerous breed representatives reside in Russia, and local kennel club officials refer to Central Asians as one of the most popular dog breeds in the country, rating them as the #1 breed in country around 2000.

WeightMale50 kg (110 lb)
Female40 kg (88 lb)
HeightMale70 cm (28 in)
Female65 cm (26 in)
CoatBoth short and long haired.
ColorWhite, black, grey, straw colored, russet, grey/brown, brindle, parti-colored and flecked.
Life span8-10 years

source : wikipedia

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