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Cao De Castro Laboreiro

The Cão de Castro Laboreiro, or Dog from Castro Laboreiro, or Portuguese Cattle Dog or Portuguese Watch Dog, is a dog breed of the livestock guardian dog type, originating from Castro Laboreiro in the northern mountains of Portugal.

The desired appearance for which the Cão de Castro Laboreiro has been bred is somewhat wolflike in outline. It is a large dog, but not oversize. Height should not be above 60cms (24ins) at the withers and weight should not be more than 40 kg (88 lbs); females somewhat smaller. Coat colours are also described in wolf terms, dark wolf colour, light wolf colour. Most breeders prefer what is considered the most authentic, called mountain colour (cor do monte), also described as similar to the coat of a wolf. The mountain colour is a mixed light and dark grey interspersed with individual hairs (not spots) that are brown (called pine-seed) or dark red (called mahogany), in a brindle.

source : wikipedia

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