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Bracco Italiano

The Bracco Italiano [ˈbrakko itaˈljaːno] is a breed of dog developed in Italy as a versatile gun dog.
The Bracco - or Italian Pointer- should be athletic and powerful in appearance, most resembling a cross between a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Bloodhound, although it is nothing like them in character. It has pendulous upper lips and long ears that create a serious expression. It should be "almost square", meaning that its height at the withers should be almost the same as the length of its body. It should not however be actually square as this would render its famous rear driving push off and front/rear extension to be compromised, thus losing much of its powerful grace. The tail can be docked, mostly due to the strong possibility of injury in rough/dense terrain when hunting, however there has been a sea-change in Italy, with some now working the breed with full tail.

Weight25–40 kg (55–88 lb)
HeightMale58–67 cm (23–26 in)
Female55–62 cm (22–24 in)
CoatShort, dense and glossy.
ColourWhite or white with orange, amber or chestnut markings.
Life spanOver 10 years

source : wikipedia 

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